A dive into Open source with GCI and FOSSASIA

Google has been supporting Open source organizations and technologies through various competitions and one such is the Google Code-in (GCI) in which I am participating in currently. GCI is a competition for 13-17 year old students interested in technology and coding. I have participated on GCI last year and that is how I decided to participate this year as well.

I have given premiere focus in FOSSASIA, one of the chosen open source organizations by Google for GCI. I have been here for the past 3 years and I feel like home here.

FOSSASIA which has over 5000 members has over 100 projects under it’s hood,  I have found some intresting projects at FOSSASIA which are listed below:

1. Meilix

I have contributed a whole lot to this project’s development, Meilix aims to develop a beautiful lxqt based OS which runs on the ubuntu/debian architecture which is light in weight, fast to run and fully customized.  Meilix is build by running build.sh and we have a meilix generator in which you could customize and download the meilix ISO. It currently is 32-bit only and we are aiming to provide a 64-bit release in the near future.

2. Phimpme-android

Another interesting project, Phimpme-android, the photo app. It is an android photo capturing and editing app developed on top of OpenCamera with a lot of fliters and editings. It’s already launched on playstore! and is one of the design friendly apps ever.


The core of AI at FOSSASIA, susi.ai which is a robust platform which we seek to provide as a open source competitor to Siri and the Google Assistant like closed source technologies. It is cross platform and has apps on almost all popular platforms.

Open source technologies that I use in my PC

I am a hard core fan of open source and I run Kali Linux (Debian based OS) which is the newest version of backtrack. I am more hackish guy and most likely I stick around with the inbuild open source apps available on kali linux which are ideal of penetration testing and open source at the same time.

Some of the apps that I use are:

  • dmitry
  • nmap
  • pof
  • zenmap
  • sparta
  • nikto
  • burpsuite
  • apk2jar
  • volafox
  • voltility etc.
  • jsql
  • mdb-sql
  • sqlmap
  • wirecrack
  • wireshark
  • johnny
  • apktool
  • clang
  • clang++
  • pipal
  • magictree
  • reaver
  • kismet
  • Firefox
  • Gimp
  • Inkscape

What are the communication channels I use to get in touch with the community?

I use Gitter as my communication way currently as FOSSASIA members have become Slack inactive and I feel it’s better way to touch the community.

What am I seeking to learn?

I am seeking to learn more about Artificial Intelligence based applications such as SUSI AI, Mycrosoft etc. Also in addition to this I am trying to learn more and more programming languages that will teach me more about technology and more specifically open source technology. I been a redhat developer and I am trying to learn more about OpenShift Containers in Redhat and figuring out ways to contribute to redhat projects like fedora.

Links to FOSSASIA and the blog

FOSSASIA website




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